James Prescott | The Priority of Grace

July 18, 2017

Episode 16 of the Spirituality for Normal People Podcast features an interview with author and podcaster James Prescott. We talk a bunch about James' book, Mosaic of Grace, and also touch on themes related to his podcast called Poema on the intersection of faith and spirituality.

From the Intro to the Episode - I mention:

What we talk about in this episode:

  • What is Grace really?
  • The Japanese art of kintsugi (re-making broken pottery with gold joinery) as a metaphor for grace
  • How Jesus includes and loves us even when we turn from God.
  • "Poema" and the intersection of faith and spirituality
  • How people have different ways of coming to or seeing spirituality
  • How your mindset effects the way you see the world and engage with God
  • Spiritual encounters are not always good
  • How most of human life is engaged in creative acts
  • Keeping Sabbath and how “I am enough without my work"

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