Kelly Edmiston | Not “feeling it” in the Spiritual Life

July 25, 2017

Episode 17 of the Spirituality for Normal People Podcast features an interview with Kelly Edmiston. Kelly is the student minister at First Colony Church of Christ. We pack a ton of amazing stuff in this episode, as you can see from the notes below. Such a great conversation!

Some of What We Talk About

  • What happens when we don’t “feel it” in our spiritual life?
  • Making feelings and experiences into idols. Seeking them instead of seeking God.
  • When God might use a period of spiritual dryness
  • How do we stay obedient in the absence of emotion?
  • There is no separation between sacred and secular - all is spiritual
  • Making spiritual practices tangible
  • Breath Prayers (e.g. “I am weak, but you a strong”)
  • Silence as a spiritual practice and what to do about distractions
  • Be patient, gentle, and generous with yourself
  • Finding help for the Spiritual life in deep sources (e.g. Julian of Norwich)
  • What is the relationship between suffering and the spiritual life?
  • The metaphor of pregnancy and labor for the spiritual life.

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