Stephanie Jones | Giving Gifts with the Giving Gal

June 27, 2017

Episode 14 of Spirituality for Normal People features a fantastic interview with Stephanie Jones. Stephanie is known as the Giving Gal, having given a gift every day for over 500 days. She is the author of The Giving Challenge.

What we talk about:

  • What does it means to give a gift?
  • Recognizing opportunities to give a gift
  • How gift giving moves us away from being judgmental
  • Listening to that “nudge” within you
  • Gift-giving is about the other person.
  • Not being scared of rejection when it comes to giving gifts.
  • Thinking carefully about how Jesus would treat people.
  • How giving is more than making donations to a church or other organization
  • The importance of Intentionality
  • Starting Small with Acts of Kindness
  • Taking action even when we don’t feel like it - the magic of starting!
  • Obedience, faithfulness, and just showing up

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