Glen Soderholm | All the Senses and Trinitarian Spirituality

June 20, 2017

Episode 13 features an incredible interview with Glen Soderholm. Glen is the pastor of Two Rivers Church in Guelph, Ontario. Two Rivers began as a single house church of what he calls “a collection of strays, orphans, and exiles,”  born from the idea of actually being neighbours with the people you live close to. He had so much to share about the Spiritual life, including his theology of Spirituality and the very practical things he does.

As an accomplished musician, Glen spoke about the role of music in the Spiritual life and shared his love for some musicians that you may not have heard of. There are some links below to some of them. Check them out!

There is a discussion of icons, which is fascinating, and I've included in these notes images of two mentioned in the episode.

Glen has an amazing way of remembering quotes. Check out the quotes section below to read some of what Glen said.

Some of what we talked about:

  • Spirituality is being included in the Triune communion of God.

  • What it means to listen to God? How do we listen in our inner life.

  • Being limited by a cognitive approach to spirituality.
  • Healthy spirituality begins to integrate all the senses.
  • Icons - what are they and how are they helpful?
  • How prayer life and spirituality changes over time.
  • Having a prayer binder
  • Journaling
  • The power of habit regardless of how we feel, but not driven by guilt.
  • The idea of Jesus being our great high priest. That Jesus prays for us! The Spirit intercedes for us. Two thirds of the Trinity are already praying for us!
  • It is not about persuading God. God is pursuing us and longs for a connection with us.
  • Memorizing Scripture, in particular Psalms
  • The role of music in Spirituality (see links below!)

Quotes from Glen Soderholm in the Podcast

  • “In this day and age, the last person we expect to be our neighbour, might be our actual next door neighbour.”

  • “Spirituality is a gift that comes to us from God. God is the initiator in the spiritual life.”
  • "Creation is the result of the overflow of God’s life of love.”
  • "Spirituality means talking to ourselves in healthy ways."
  • A Prayer that he uses every day...

I am the beloved child of God the Father.
I am the beloved friend of God the Son.
I am the beloved Temple of God the Holy Spirit.
I am enfolded in the Three in One.

Quotes from Others

"Prayer is the gift of participating through the Spirit in the Son’s communion with the Father.” - James Torrence

"Prayer is listening to God tell you that you are the beloved child.” - Henri Nouwen

“It is you that lights my lamp, the Lord, my God, lights my darkness.” - Psalm 18:28

“Prayer is not overcoming God’s reluctance. It is laying hold of God’s willingness.” - Julian of Norwich

“The energy of reconciliation is the dynamo at the center of the universe “ - Eugene Peterson

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