Jann Martin | How To Hear What God is Saying?

August 1, 2017
Episode 18 of the Spirituality for Normal People Podcast features an interview with Jann Martin. Jann is a children’s author and has previously served as a youth leader at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Westland, Michigan and as the Director of Family Ministry at Faith Community Presbyterian Church of Novi, Michigan. Jann has an interesting story of falling into the calling of writing, after not being able to find a children’s story for a Christmas Eve Service. God asked her to write one, so she did. Several months later it was in print!
The main theme that emerged in this conversation was how to hear God speaking. What a great and important theme!

Some of what was covered in this episode:

  • When God blocks one path and opens another
  • How we deal with the "real life” struggles
  • Not settling for simplistic answers in situations of pain or suffering
  • Reading devotional material and a chapter of Scripture per day.
  • How do you hear God speaking?
  • The importance of going to Church when you feel disconnected


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